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Friday, June 16, 2006

Prayin' for rain

It's been a pretty slow week news-wise, as every has been digesting the results of the USAH meetings. Some news already out there includes the fact that there will be no compensation between leagues and that Tier III was approved on a trial basis for the EJ and AJ. I am expecting another vote on this in December. Also of interest is that there will be an All-Star showcase involving the top 18-U players from ALL the junior leagues. I don't have other details on how this is going to work, unfortunately.

The Tucson Tilt were officially approved by the WSHL today. A replacement team for Fort Worth/Grapevine is still in development, but is probably at least a week or two away from resolution. The WSHL will be having their showcase December 15-18 in Salt Lake City.

Finally... I'm going to set some ground rules about the comment posting... if you want to spread rumors anonymously, go pick a web forum. I'll be shutting down the comments completely if folks cannot behave.

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