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Sunday, August 06, 2006

I'm Back

Well I'm back, but still "recuperating" from my vacation, specifically waiting for my accent to normalize after having been up north. I knew I was in trouble when the credit/debit card machine at the Alpena Wal-Mart checkout offered instructions in English and Yooper.

Went to one session of the Alpena Icediggers' open camp, where I met coach Kenny Miller and the rest of his crew. I didn't get much impression of the players on the ice in my limited viewing (besides, it wasn't the final camp), but it's clear that with over a dozen returning vets that the Diggers have some high expectations for the coming season.

One thing I did notice from the camp, a father who did his kid no favors. While I was sitting with Miller and his staff, this dad comes up and starts gushing about his kid, who he admits was playing/skating conservatively. Excuse me? Why is the kid not putting out 100% in the tryout? When is he going to do so, 20 games into the season? Come on, show it if ya got it, be it the playoffs, reg season, or tryouts. As a neutral party witnessing the episode, it was painful to watch... and I can only imagine how uncomfortable it made the coaches feel.

I've got about 150 emails to go through for my news bits before I'm caught up. I'll probably spread it out over the next few days.

Comments on "I'm Back"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:01 PM, August 09, 2006) : 

Alpena is not in the Upper Peninsula, and therefore you would not frequent any "Yooper" ATM's while you were there. And Up North or Northern Michigan is above the bridge, not in "the mitten". You could only be a Yooper if you were born here. Makes me wonder if you get any of your other facts right.


Anonymous Lindsay Foster said ... (3:20 PM, August 09, 2006) : 

While Marc (who has a BS in Geography) and I (who doesn't but who WAS born in Michigan) realize that "Yooper" refers to someone from the Upper Peninsula, several family members and friends speak with that familiar style of speech that is heard all over the UP and known as Yooper-talk. We are fans of Da Yoopers (I think Marc's favorite album is Jackpine Savage)and we love to head to the northern part of the mitten, just so that we can cross the bridge and get some pasties. Your comment makes ME wonder why you didn't call Marc a "fudgie" or a "troll" but maybe he doesn't qualify (not being a native Michigander.) I do, I am... and I'm proud of it. He took a few liberties - call it poetic license.


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