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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Santa Fe Update

I didn't get to this from yesterday's Albuquerque Journal, but NAHL commish Eric Krupka responded to the feedback generated by his comments in the interview:
RoadRunner notes: NAHL Commissioner Eric Krupka, who drew the ire of RoadRunners management last week with his comments in an interview that was posted on the league Web site, addressed the controversy in an e-mail sent to the Journal on Tuesday.

Krupka was quoted in the interview as saying, "Some teams aren't run right, they're in the wrong market. For example, Santa Fe is not a market that's going to work for hockey." He was also quoted as saying he would like to see the league get down to 12 teams from 17.

In Tuesday's e-mail, Krupka said only a small portion of his answers were published in the interview.

"The Roadrunners are one of the league's best franchises with an owner who has sacrificed a lot to keep the players together," Krupka wrote. "I have known Mary Magdelene-Lorang for awhile now and as Commissioner of the North American Hockey League, I will help her in anyway possible. The Roadrunners have my full support and they will remain in the NAHL for a long time to come."
Also making a save is City Councilor Matthew Ortiz who apologized for what he called his "ignorant" comments earlier this week disparaging the sport of hockey. According to this morning's Journal, Ortiz "has learned since that hockey players are "every bit as passionate" about their sport as are other athletes."


As penitence, Ortiz volunteered to be put in a dunk tank of ice-cold water on the rink in order to help draw fans to the games. Oh, how I long for the old days, when fools were placed in stocks in the town center and suffered the indignity of the public hurling rotten food. At this point, I'd offer up the entire city council, as last night they rejected the Roadrunners' request to sell beer at the games.

Comments on "Santa Fe Update"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:58 PM, October 12, 2006) : 

ok, so now he says santa fe will remain in the league for a long time to come. if he wants to cut down to 12 teams, how is he going to choose who goes if he gives a free pass to a team that cant draw 200 fans? look for this guy to run for congress soon, where hollow promises are an everyday thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:11 PM, October 12, 2006) : 

I think the key to this whole equation with Krupka's comments about Santa Fe is the support of the city. He never said the team sucked - I think he was referencing the bad location. And given what glowing comments the city councilman has made, I see why he'd look down on Santa Fe. There is no rule that says the team has to stay there. The ownership can certainly move the franchise to a new location.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:28 PM, October 12, 2006) : 

Krupka can't hide behind Ortiz' comments, as his came a week earlier. I think the first post here was saying that Krupka is now on record with a 'franchise will be in Santa Fe for a long time to come' statement that would make it difficult for him to recommend the Roadrunners in any contraction plans. He truly painted himself into a corner with that one. Now, the only honorable way to move that franchise would be at the behest of the current owner, turning Krupka into a bystander instead of a mover and shaker. That's a silly way to start his career as a commissioner.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:40 PM, October 12, 2006) : 

The point was more general and inhibiting for Krupka. If he's saying that a franchise drawing 200 fans is going to be in the league for a long time, then he's negating an 'attendance criteria' for any franchise that he'd like to see moved elsewhere.

I just checked tonight's Santa Fe boxscore. 120 fans. Must've been by invitation only.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:25 AM, October 13, 2006) : 

Dare I say I think Krupka is right? His quote was "Santa Fe is not a market that's going to work for hockey".

With attendence numbers as dismal as that, I don't think anyone can hide the fact that hockey is NOT working in that town.

Whether the commish should be saying that publicly is another matter, but he's certainly not lying!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:34 AM, October 13, 2006) : 

Does it matter that they draw only 200 fans a game? This isn't tier I. If there are owners that are in it for the right reasons and have the resources, then why should they be shuttered? Look at Chicago in the USHL. That owner has been subsidizing that team for years, maybe Santa Fe is the same way. To be thrown under the bus like that by your commish is just irresponsible.


Blogger mctopeka said ... (1:48 PM, October 13, 2006) : 

I think he was talking about the Organization. They were and are losing about $500,000 a year according to the article. I'm not sure to many owners can absorb that much of a loss every year and keep going. They will be in the league for a long time, maybe just not in Sante Fe.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:09 PM, October 13, 2006) : 

Based upon the news archives on the Roadrunner website, Ms Lorang was a billet host who decided to get more involved. There is no doubt she's doing everything the right way. The only doubt is whether anyone in that town cares.

The franchise may shift, but as a local, I don't think she will.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:15 PM, October 13, 2006) : 

Move 'em to Bellingham, Wa. That'd be a stop along the way to the Alaskan teams and they're getting 600 a game in the WHA Junior West League!


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