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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thursday News

I don't normally talk about mundane issues like players signing with teams, but it's a slow day and I have made exceptions from time to time. One is for kids from my non-traditional talent-generating backyard of Texas and Oklahoma. This time it's for Matt Donovan, son of Oklahoma Sooners head coach Larry Donovan. Matt was taken 10th overall by the Cedar Rapids RoughRiders in the USHL draft, and has already committed to the University of Denver. Matt's not the first Oklahoman to go D1, however, that honor goes to MSU-Mankato's Mick Berge, whose brother Josh was also selected this year in the USHL draft - by Tri-City (Mick played for Lincoln). By the way, the Berge's father Mark is the assistant coach for the Sooners.

Also, congrats to Texas Tornado broadcaster Alex "Cheeks" Kyrias for getting married over this past weekend.

Saskatoon will focus on Memorial Cup, not world junior...

The WHA has invaded Quebec...

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Comments on "Thursday News"


Anonymous Pat said ... (9:28 AM, May 24, 2007) : 

I believe Josh Blackburn was the first player from Oklahoma (Choctaw) to play Division 1 hockey. After a couple years in the USHL (Dubuque and Lincoln) he played at U. of Michigan.
By the way Marc....I think your site is great!


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (10:37 AM, May 24, 2007) : 

You may be right - I was going off memory. Did he grow up in Oklahoma? I'm trying to differentiate between the current kids and guys like Monte Miron, who played D1 for Clarkson and bills himself as the first person from Oklahoma to be drafted by the NHL (gee, thanks Dad), but was Canadian and never really lived or played hockey in Oklahoma while growing up... or someone like Burr Williams, who was born in Okemah, but grew up in Duluth before playing for the Red Wings in the 1930s.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:37 PM, May 24, 2007) : 

Isn't Tyler Arnason's official NHL hometown Oklahoma City, OK since Chuck was playing for the Blazers when he was born? It's what's listed on hockeydb, which I believe uses the NHL birth town for a player's hometown. I doubt Tyler spent much time at all in Oklahoma in his childhood, however.


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (3:42 PM, May 24, 2007) : 

Birthplace and hometown are not the same thing. That's my point. As an example, I was only in the city of my birth for a few months, and two of my kids have never lived in the city of their birth (Grapevine).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:44 AM, May 25, 2007) : 

How much time did Tyler Arneson spend in Oklahoma City?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:42 PM, May 25, 2007) : 

With the WHA, dont they pay their players?
Would that not make those athletes ineligilbe for NCAA?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:11 PM, May 25, 2007) : 

The WHA does not pay their players. There was no fee to play last year, just the billet fees.


Anonymous Pat said ... (11:27 AM, May 26, 2007) : 

Blackburn was born and raised in OK. The first time he left the state to play hockey somewhere else was to play in Dubuque.


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (11:42 AM, May 26, 2007) : 

I stand corrected... thanks!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:54 PM, May 26, 2007) : 

it is my understanding that this year the WHA will have player fees (determined by the organization they play for) - unlike the previous year.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:50 PM, May 29, 2007) : 

If the WHA is truly going to call itself Junior A then why would they charge players a fee? I don't believe that most of the kids from these smaller towns in Canada will pay to play/


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:17 PM, May 30, 2007) : 

..don't know - why don't you pose that question to Ricky Smith and the WHA.


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