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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday News

Tavares mum on Marlies, and Beseiged Leafs GM makes desperate bid for Tavares... Okay, I realize the Leafs are the brightest organization (and are just trying to make a play for Tavares), but what does it say about the OHL when an NHL team says they'd rather see a can't-miss draft pick spend what would be his last season in juniors playing instead in the AHL?

Youngsters proving selves as Musketeers...

Quick hits with Lewiston MAINEiacs head coach and GM, Ed Harding...

Waterloo Black Hawks voted best family entertainment...

67's captain Jamie McGinn out with sore back...

One more story on the hatchet job in Kingston...

Yannick Jean was a lame duck behind Rocket’s bench...

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Comments on "Saturday News"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:51 AM, October 27, 2007) : 

Nice slam on the OHL there Marc....gee just look at the rankings for the 08 draft. Amazing how such a "bad" league can have so many players ranked in the first round.

Hey where's the USHL? And before you respond with "look how well the U did against the Q" just look at the standings. Quebec is a .500 team and Rimouski is in DEAD Last, yet one of the top teams in the USHL couldn't manage to beat either of them! Why don't you put that in your blog!


Blogger sager said ... (7:34 PM, October 28, 2007) : 

well, is that the only criteria for whether a league is good, how many top-end players it has?


Blogger Ryan Hodgson said ... (1:44 PM, October 29, 2007) : 

Even the most uninformed fan can see that the AHL is a higher level of hockey both the CHL and NCAA


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