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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

At least it's not a cow

Yes Virginia, there really is a Dallas Junior B team. The Dallas Hawks will be owned by Brian Schwartz, coached by Mark Vakos, and play in Addison Square Garden. They are holding a camp in Addison this weeknd, and you can register by going here.

For those asking about the sale and transfer of the Texans, it fell through. The league convinced the Tucson owners to get what they want for the expansion price of $25k rather than pay $40k for the Texans. I guess this tilt in philosophy means WSHL owners have no regard for the value of their own franchises, but then if that is true, why raise from $10k to $25k this year? Regardless, it's an inglorious end for what a year ago was considered the future of the league. Bottom line: we'll still see a Tucson team this season, and probably a Grapevine team to replace the Texans... just waiting on the next conference call from the WSHL BoG to approve it all.

Comments on "At least it's not a cow"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:52 PM, June 06, 2006) : 

Who is coaching this team in Dallas?


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (4:24 PM, June 06, 2006) : 

What part of "coached by Mark Vakos" did you fail to understand?


Anonymous Karl O said ... (4:37 PM, June 06, 2006) : 

Schwartz own da chiefs now - what happened to Woroniuk?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:11 PM, June 07, 2006) : 

Too bad the team couldn't find someone qualified to coach. The only thing that would make this better would be if Best was involved.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:33 PM, June 07, 2006) : 

He did guide the high school team to a last place finish...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:37 AM, June 08, 2006) : 

WOW, impressive.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:03 PM, June 09, 2006) : 

I guess this continues the streak of WSHL teams other than Pheonix who make nationals.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:33 AM, June 14, 2006) : 

Vakos is a joke, he is an aweful coach, he doesn't know line changes, he keeps skaters out on the ice for minutes at a time, especially his son.

On the comment that if Best was involved it would be a better situation, I hope that is a joke. Becuase he is a joke, that scum shouldn't be associated with any hockey what so ever. He is a crook and I heard parents from another team say they can't understand how he is still on this earth after the way he handled the money last season. If anyone hears the name Tim Best and hockey in the same sentance, run, run as fast as you can to get away.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:14 PM, June 14, 2006) : 

It is amazing how many times and how many people say this type of thing about Tim Best...Vakos? Did he ever play hockey anywhere note worthy or coach any team note worthy? Any of these teams ever do anything positive?


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (10:03 PM, June 14, 2006) : 

I'm not going to jump on the Vakos pig pile because quite honestly I haven't seen enough of his coaching to make the call, but he came into a ugly situation with the Titans last season and helped stabilize things as best he could. As for Tim Best, is that a dead horse yet? Timmy's gone to Canada and likely won't be back. If he does come back, I'm sure it will be open season again.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:03 AM, June 15, 2006) : 

Just seems like Best always comes back, like a bad rash. He should not be allowed to be involved in any amateur hockey or, should I say, any hockey that involves him being in a position of monetary authority.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:28 PM, June 16, 2006) : 

Has this team been approved? I saw tryouts occurred already?


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (4:31 PM, June 16, 2006) : 

I believe it has...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:30 AM, June 17, 2006) : 

Will they be called the Ice Hawks?
How did tryouts go?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:15 AM, May 17, 2009) : 

mark vakos is a joke, he doesnt know what he is going, and then coaching the renegades with chris nichols (former titans player and assit coach of Texans), that team was a joke, he ran the team into the ground, its a shame that nichols wasnt allowed to coach more, he had the skills and actually went pro, vakos played college if even that...vakos and hockey dont mix..besides his son, from what i have seen is a joke too


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