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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Some NAHL news (and *gasp* rumors)

Lots of stories landing in my in box, but I'm getting tired of the exhibition results and camp reports from the same teams every day... Don't forget to check the previous post on the most recent update to the funky New Orleans link. There's more to this story, as apparently the ISP for the DJHA had no idea why an extra period in the BNOB link kicked browsers to the DJHA page...

Got some NAHL news. I understand the new commish is taking a quick vacation before jumping into the shark-infested league waters. Not sure when he'll be back, but I assume that's part of what is holding up the announcement. The NAHL owners voted recently to re-instate touch icing.

The league is also discussing the potential of B2 video taping and broadcasting of the showcase games, and is looking into upgrading their PointStreak package to include the +/- stat.

I know the Tornado-haters are going to feed on this, but the league is discussing playing the NAHL All Star Game in Dallas in conjunction with the NHL All Star Game. Is the added exposure worth it? It would be if it's a true ASG, and not the Tornado vs. the Universe. Fortunately, the owners appear to unanimously support a true All-Star format.

In other news...

Swift Current Civic Center renovations get going...

Tucson dealt a hockey team (includes video)...

Search continues for North East Alberta Junior B Hockey League president...

Point-Counterpoint: Has the OHL gone too far?

Q commissioner decides against sanctions (gee, look at that, another league that puts their rulings online for all to see!)...

Trevor Lewis stiff-arms Spokane (hey, who said Hockey Canada had their regulatory-act together?!??)...

Comments on "Some NAHL news (and *gasp* rumors)"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:22 AM, August 30, 2006) : 

I am hearing the NAHL All-Star game would be on Sunday, January 21st at the AAC or Deja Blue. It will be the best 40 NAHL All-Stars, not the Tornado vs. the All-Stars. If the NHL and Stars jump on board, the NAHL would be nuts not to do this.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:54 AM, August 30, 2006) : 

Jeremy Law played in the NHL?


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (11:58 AM, August 30, 2006) : 

No, and Jeremy will be the first to admit it. I didn't raise the issue in my blog write-up because I had already alerted Law (who was unaware of the error), and he's working on getting a correction made to change the word "NHL" to "pro". The error was not repeated in the video, so I'm thinking someone with a less-than-stellar hockey IQ at the TV station made the leap in credentials. I don't know if we'll ever see it corrected, but that's on the drive-by-media, not Law.

I've become more forgiving of this sort of thing, especially if the claim comes through the media. Obviously, if a coach had such a false claim on the team's website, then we'd all be free to hammer the offending coach.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:59 AM, August 30, 2006) : 

Haven't heard that one before. News to me!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:00 PM, August 30, 2006) : 

Honest mistake made by a reporter.


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