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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Drop the puck already

Well, the NAHL season starts Wednesday. While I'll enjoy listening to some games (like Alpena's on Wednesday and Friday afternoon) while at work the next few days, I'm not a fan of starting the season with a showcase. My main complaint is that teams have had little-to-no time to develop any chemistry, and that, combined with the rules changes, will lead to some very inconsistent play. I'm not sure the scouts are going to see the players at their full potential.

Looks like the question of choosing a level for one's league isn't just an American phenomena...

This will piss of my minor league friends, but these journalists shouldn't kid themselves - your odds of making the NHL from the ECHL or any other AA pro league are 100-1 at best (and you better be either a goalie or an enforcer for the odds to be that high)...

First the NAHL, now the NOJHL gets a new commish...

The former Empire Huskies open new season in Fitchburg...

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Blogger USAFA Bulldog said ... (8:17 AM, September 14, 2006) : 

Agreed about not having the showcase at the beginning. That being said, it sure is nice to have all the teams here. I caught a few games last season, not sure if it will happen this time around.


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