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Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Can anyone tell me the last time the Texas Tornado blew a lead and lost a game in the final 1:04? Wow... Until the final came in I was going to say the most surprising performance (in scale if not result) was Santa Fe's 8-0 decimation of Bismarck. But giving up two goals in six seconds in the last minute? Dang...

Not a shock, given recent trends, was the average of 22 powerplays per game on the opening day of the Showcase. It didn't help scoring, however, as teams managed to covert only 10% of the time. I suspect some of that is due to fragmented powerplays thanks to a negating whistle, but am not going to review the data to verify it.

Still... special teams is going to make or break teams this year, at least early on... only Alpena managed to win Wednesday without scoring a powerplay goal, going 0-12.

Comments on "Meltdown"


Blogger WCharles said ... (11:37 PM, September 14, 2006) : 

And what would you call the 11-1 'Nado loss to USNTDP? I, for one, am truly stunned.


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (12:08 AM, September 15, 2006) : 

As am I...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:08 AM, September 15, 2006) : 

under 18 team i might add...and the blizzard look to have a good team.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:31 AM, September 15, 2006) : 

on the nahl site where they talk about USNTDP tornado game they hove have the tornado as 1-1 oops


Blogger WCharles said ... (2:29 PM, September 15, 2006) : 

And today (Friday) was the Wildcats' turn to stink it up with a 5-1 loss to Bismarck. Neither of the coaches made the post-game interview, so I'm sure things were a little, uh, "spirited" in the room.


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