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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The latest in protective equipment

Thanks to The Nutty Buddy, I now have something to remember about former Royals pitcher Mark Littell other than he's the guy that made me cry as a kid for giving up the 9th inning gopherball to Chris Chambliss in the 1976 ALCS. (It was 30 years ago, but hey I'm not bitter or anything)
The Nutty Buddy’s comfortable design actually fits a man’s groin area to avoid pinching and chafing during athletic activity. Traditional protective cups are dangerously fragile and have awkward shapes that force the genitals into small, cramped spaces.
After watching the promotion video, it's a short trip figuring out where the name for his ummmm, device came from... talking about standing by your product, Littell ummm... squats by his. Call him "One Take" Littell, or "Takes One" Littell, your choice...

Since Littell is up in Helena, I wonder if this as an opportunity for Bighorns owner Mike Butters to test this product out on the ice. Ever do any commercials, Buttsy?

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