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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dartmouth goes PC...

Dartmouth attempts some self-flagellation over their imaginary guilt of having invited the anti-PC North Dakota Fighting Sioux to their holiday tournament. I have to wonder if everyone is going to do this whenever North Dakota takes to the road. Funny, I don't see Jerry Jones apologizing each year when the Washington Redskins come to Texas Stadium (I guess we're just insensitive down here). If Dartmouth truly holds to their beliefs, maybe they should just cancel the tournament. Oh wait, that would affect their pocketbook. Okay, take it the other direction and market the game to PC loonies, encouraging them to come out to boo the Sioux.

Brody Todd settles with the OHL...

I've been letting the ADT Canada Russia Challenge go without so much as a comment the past few weeks. As evidenced by the Canadian dominance, the Russian program is a shell of it's former self. While I think a similar series might draw well in the US and bring exposure USHL and NAHL programs, it's not the Summit Series and I've not had a lot of interest in the exhibitions in Canada. However, Monday's game in Oshawa proves some folks are taking it seriously...

Doug Hedley discusses the challenge of being OCN Blizzard's interim head coach...

For those looking for more Tucson-Topeka news today... sorry, I've got nothing to report.

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Comments on "Dartmouth goes PC..."


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:27 AM, December 01, 2006) : 

If the Sioux Indians don't have a problem with the name, what business is it to the rest of the US college community? The name is only hurtful, if it is hurting the people who the school mascot is named after. Since the Sioux are on the side of UND, the rest of us should just let the school be and stop apologizing for an offense that doesn't exist.


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