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Monday, November 20, 2006


Found this little nugget in today's Chronicle of Higher Education. It gives me an opportunity to reference the Ten Commandments of Heckling. enthusiasts at Boston University were adjusting to life without four-letter words.

The university recently banned cursing in the stands, ending students' proud tradition of raining expletives down on opposing players, sometimes in song.

Like many ardent Terriers fans, Mike Anton, a junior who wears the same white-and-scarlet jersey to every game, hated the rule. "When you're playing a rival who's beating you 5-zip, you can't really be so light of tongue," Mr. Anton says. "Everyone has to unleash it."

During Boston's first home game, in October, Mr. Anton found a way to channel his rage, however. After referees made a questionable call, he started yelling a G-rated adjective: "Err-O-ne-ous, err-O-ne-ous, err-O-ne-ous." Soon, other students joined him.

The cheer has since become a fixture at games, and Mr. Anton has helped lead other expletive-free chants. The latest goes like this: "Gimme an S! Gimme an E! Gimme an X! What's that spell? Sex! What's that mean? Score! Score! Score!"

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