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Friday, November 17, 2006

Hey Rockford...

Just a quick blurb before I head out to the Wichita Falls Wildcats - Texas Tornado game in Frisco...

Memo to Rockford fans... if it's access to players you want, try the USHL. What is it, anyway, with hockey fans that think AA pro is just the greatest? Is it just an unsophisticated palate?

Comments on "Hey Rockford..."


Blogger GB Puck Fan said ... (9:26 PM, November 17, 2006) : 

I know the USHL is amatuer and the UHL is pro, but I am very glad we've got the USHL - and I wish Rockford and Quad Cities would dump the UHL for the USHL.


Geography. Forget Tulsa and Columbus. These two cities fit perfectly in the USHL footprint. And it would nice for them, too.

Who dat on the ice? I would much rather see these USHL players and be able to follow their careers into college and, for a few, the NHL. I get to say "I saw so-and-so play way back when..." I don't see that from the UHL as much.

In GB, we're lucky - there's an AHL team 2 hours away if you want your fix of pro hockey. And Madison is 2.5 hours away. Choices!

I haven't been raised on UHL hockey - and I understand their attachment to their team. But it would great for the USHL to get those two cities - if they would accept the USHL.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:59 PM, November 17, 2006) : 

Rockford may be getting a chance to see the USHL this season. I don't know if it's a done deal, but I heard the Chicago Steel was planning to move one of their home games with Sioux City out to Rockford this season.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:28 AM, November 18, 2006) : 

2 of them. It's a done deal. March second and third.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:05 AM, November 19, 2006) : 

If the Rockford owners really wanted to get some return on thier investment, they should just buy the Steel, and "change leagues" for next season. Leave the Steel in Chicago and have them change to the NAHL. A true 2 team feeder system with 7 lines and five goalies between them. Combine gameday operations, practice slots, training, and create the ultimate Junior Hockey Super Club. Heck for a bit more, go ahead and add a Central States team, and feed into a AAA Youth Program.

All this could be done, and be more profitalbe, for less then the combined UHL and USHL Team's current budget.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:51 AM, November 19, 2006) : 

I'm 99 percent positive that Gino Gasparini had his eye on Rockford as far back as 1995. Obviously the USHL ended up in Chicago with the Steel, but it could be argued that having a USHL franchise gives one a better shot at profit than pro hockey. Amateur hockey is not for all areas of the country, but it's pretty hard to argue with the finances of the long-time, core USHL franchises.


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