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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

USHL gets some serious credit senior writer Shawn P. Roarke gave the USHL some serious street credibility this week in an on-air interview with the guys from SportsRadio 1260-AM out of Edmonton. I don't think the Canadians were expecting a review quite this positive.


Comments on "USHL gets some serious credit"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:52 AM, November 16, 2006) : 

The disbelief in the hosts' voices is almost funny and worth the download in itself.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:01 AM, November 16, 2006) : 

For people who think they know anything about hockey, the hosts certainly didn't sound real smart about what they were talking about.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:48 PM, November 16, 2006) : 

The hosts sounded arrogant, to put it bluntly. I mean, how in the world could AMERICANS have a top junior league that rivals theirs in talent?


Anonymous "Arrogant Host #2" said ... (11:09 AM, November 17, 2006) : 

Actually, as one of the hosts I know the USHL is a solid league and only getting better. With the growth of hockey Stateside in non traditional areas like California I only see the USHL getting stronger and stronger. But at this point, our guest was correct in saying they'd get hammered playing against the top Major Junior teams in Canada. My partner's disbelief stemmed from Shawn's original claim that he thought the USHL clubs could compete with the top teams up here, but he quickly retrated that statement.

When the USHL sends their U18 team to the Viking Cup here they are always solid and are heavily scouted.

Junior hockey in the US is growing, still way behind Canada's, but growing. It's comparing apples and oranges though because the two countries don't have similar developmental leagues for kids.

Unfortunately with the NCAA eligibility rules, the USHL will never be able to show it's worth directly against the best in the CHL. Canada's tier I junior leagues like the BCHL and AJHL are similar to the USHL in that regard but 99% of the top 16-20 year olds in this country play Major Junior instead... which is also a growing decision for Americans like Bobby Ryan, Rob Schremp and Peter Mueller.

Thanks for listening, feel free to email your feedback (positive or negative) to the show.


Guy Flaming


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