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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Let's not blame the players

Well, the WSHL held a conference call to deal with Tucson, and the good news is that nothing was decided concerning the fate of the players.

Yes, that's a good thing.

The league will likely not hold a dispersal draft until early next week. When they do hold the draft, the league is considering only allowing those players who paid their tuition to participate. Those who received scholarships will be forced to pay up in full before they can enter the draft or even play anywhere else in USA Hockey.

I'm not sure this makes a lot of sense. For one thing a lot of players pay their tuition on a monthly basis. So my first question regarding this process is, are players who were on a payment plan going to be allowed to be in the dispersal? If so, then it makes no sense to require the scholarship players to pay in full. They should be allowed to pay for the first three months of the season, getting "up to date" so to speak.

There is a lot of talent on the table here. Teams should be allowed to acquire it through the dispersal. No offense to any teams out there, but you could use both the talent and the revenue. If players were on a payment plan, they can simply resume their payments with their new team. If they were on scholarship, then allow them to pay to get current, then continue payments with their new team. Those who paid in full can simply pick up with a new team.

The players are not at fault here, and have already been through enough (some for the second year in a row), and scholarships had nothing to do with the demise of the team. Remember, this team earned more tuition revenue than any other team in the league. The demise of the team was due to excessive expenditures, not a lack of revenue. Neither at fault are the teams who under the current plan will be unable to acquire all the available players (and their potential tuition revenue). Allow the players who owe to get caught up through November, use that money to pay off the ice bill and anything else (NOT the apartments, which were paid for through billeting fees - Jon simply didn't pay those bills), get the players to their new teams, and get on the road to putting this debacle behind us.


Comments on "Let's not blame the players"


Blogger Cy Clone said ... (9:16 AM, December 08, 2006) : 

Do these players have to stay within the WSHL or can they venture out into another league or even to Junior B in Canada?


Blogger PIA Hockey Fan said ... (11:26 AM, December 08, 2006) : 

So, if a player paid all of their fees to the team - up front - they will get to move to another team and play the balance of the season without further payment? That isn't going to be good for the new team. Especially if the new team has to cut a player from their roster to make room for the Tilt player.

This is not a good situation for the league, the players or the other teams. Someone is going to get screwed - and it is going to be a bunch of players.


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (11:40 AM, December 08, 2006) : 

PIA, you are assuming teams are fully rostered... many are not.

I'll have more on this when I get some time to post later today. Based on my understanding of the contracts, neither the league nor USA Hockey has a leg to stand on if they try to hold the player rights hostage.


Blogger xtiltplayerd said ... (3:48 PM, December 08, 2006) : 

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