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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tilt Update

UPDATE - 8:04PM CST: Okay children, I'm turning it back on... for now. Behave yourselves.

As most of you are aware, I've turned off the comments. The rhetoric was getting out of hand and I don't have the time to babysit. I may turn it on again in the evening when I get home, but no promises.

My understanding is that Ron White will be in Tucson tomorrow to go over the situation with Jon MacWilliams. I'm not sure what else Ron can do other than look at both sides of the ledger, throw up his hands, and revoke the franchise. I'm sure he'll be rethinking his comments to HR Cook (manager of Landon Arena in Topeka) Friday, which gave little indication of any problems with the franchise.


Comments on "Tilt Update"


Anonymous Brian Patterson said ... (9:16 PM, December 05, 2006) : 

What a fittting end to our ice rink. I have sworn that this building must be built on some sort of indian burial site. Tear the building down and start over somewhere else. Everyone is tired of this. It is unfortunate what this community has gone through over the years here in Tucson when it comes to the rink here. This is supposed to be fun atmosphere for the kids a family place, but this rink has proven otherwise. I cant say for sure what will come of this but in this situation everyone loses. The kids lose a team, the struggling rink loses income, its an all around crappy deal. When I grew up the rink was a fun place to be, so what went wrong here in Tucson?


Blogger Rhipley said ... (9:28 PM, December 05, 2006) : 

I tell ya what went wrong...a rat got into your building, and chewed the hell out of everything. Then crapped on the floor on his way out.
All figure out of what/who I speak.


Blogger Elaine MacWilliams said ... (3:12 AM, December 06, 2006) : 

This is my first experience reading “blogs.” I have heard about them--- people, anonymously in most cases, talking bad about other people--- and although it sounds like such a productive hobby to partake in, I think my conscience might inhibit me from getting as much out of it as Marc does. But then again, you own this slander sight…. (Does your mother know!?) By the way, my name is ELAINE MacWILLIAMS--- I believe…um… “NO NAME” wanted to know.
There is no way to describe the shock and sadness I feel over what was said about Jon. … Marc, you really like Jeremy. In fact, it seems the majority of the bloggers do. And frankly I do too. However I won’t join the consensus that Jeremy is a “victim.” My heart is broken over what has happened to the Tilt. I went to Chicago over the weekend for my aunt’s funeral, not my condo in Caribbean. Tuesday afternoon I was back in Tucson… (For my husband’s funeral, it sure feels like.) Jon was a hockey player, as was Jeremy; neither one skilled in accounting. I am extremely mad at both of them for allowing this to happen.


Blogger ice it said ... (10:00 AM, December 06, 2006) : 

Since we are talking about funerals....25 players buried their dreams of a National Title Sunday night. Many players hoisted the Thorne cup last spring doing what many thought couldn't be done, beat Phoenix. Mrs. MacWilliams do not think that anyone feels sorry for Jon. Where was he Wednesday when eviction notices were on the players doors when they returned from practice. Jon was served notice to vacate the apartments on November 8, 2006, rent checks were deposited into Jon's account at the first of each month (I have proof)HE NEVER PAID THE RENT, ever been homeless in a strange town and the man who is suppose to have paid the rent is gone and WON'T return calls. You are so worried about Jon being smeared on this blog have you any concern that 25 young men can't pick up and move to a new team because the roster is frozen. Some were going to school in Tucson but have no place to live to finish the semester. Jon made BIG promises to Jeremy and the team, many players age out in a few months so this IS IT! There is no sympathy for Jon, instead of working a deal in Topeka for next year he should have been trying to get sponsors and season ticket holders in Tucson. You may want to look at the accounts yourself Mrs. MacWilliams you will be shocked. And as for blaming Jeremy, Jon named himself President and General Manager, Jon had the check book, ATM card, players checks, Jeremy was simply the Head Coach of the Tucson Tilt. Check the ATM card receipts from Las Vegas, this may help clear up the rumors. If you are angry with Jon and Jeremy why don't you personally call each player and parent and apologize for this mess. Players should be preparing for a big game tonight with Phoenix (ranked 3rd in the Nation behind Tucson) but instead they are scattered all over the country looking for teams to play on, some have driven many hundreds even thousands of miles. One player left Tucson on Monday and reached Michigan early this morning. So no there is no sympathy for Jon or his reputation being smeared on the blog, you and he seem to only be upset over this blog. When you have children and someone treats your kids this way, get back to us. As I said above, check the ATM receipts from Vegas.


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