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Friday, February 23, 2007

More from Santa Fe

The Santa Fe New Mexican is always slow in getting their articles posted online, and today was no different, as they attempted to paint a picture of the problems that have existed all season between the city and the Roadrunners.

Unfortunately, my three-year-old's finger-painting is more representative of reality than what the city is trying to portray.

The city attempted to paint the Roadrunners as deadbeats, yet fails to mention the invoicing delays brought on by the departure of key staff and a manual invoicing process that was unorganized and simply didn't work. You can't pay what you haven't been billed. Gomez does mention that the final payment would be made by Mary Magdalene Lorang today, and it's my understanding it was indeed paid.

The writer does let Lorang vent on the payment issues, and also mentions some of the physical problems of the facility. Summed up, the problems suggest a troop of monkeys could do a better job of running the Genoveva Chavez Community Center.

I did get a kick out of this paragraph:
"We've had a couple of hockey fans here in town that have kept their ear to the ground," Cook said. When he heard reports that the RoadRunners were looking for a new home -- in mid-November junior hockey blogs were rampant with rumors of a RoadRunners departure -- Cook had some people look into the Santa Fe organization on his behalf.
"Honey, get your shotgun... it's those troublemaking bloggers again!!!"


Comments on "More from Santa Fe"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:14 PM, February 24, 2007) : 


I vacation in Santa Fe several times a year and have been to the Chavez Center many a time -- it's a nightmare.

It's a wonderful concept. A really pretty decent ice rink (with much better ice than you'd expect) that would be a nice home for a AAA team (if anyone in new mexico played hockey) a great basketball gym, workout facilities, great pool, and all sorts of kids programs. It's a great place, but it really is run by idiots (the idiots in SF always seem to be the born-and-raised variety.)

It's too bad junior hockey in Santa Fe didn't work out. It's a fun city, but I think not having a proper 'arena' hurt them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:48 AM, February 25, 2007) : 

I was raised in Santa Fe and find your comments offensive at best. If that's how you feel about Santa Fe stay home, the natives are tired of putting up with arrogant tourists. The Chavez center has it's problems and the City's attitude toward hockey is part of the problem but not all of the roadrunners woes can be placed at the city's feet. The owner and business manager have done nothing to promote the roadrunners in Santa Fe. The people of the community don't even know when the games are because there is next to no advertisement. Last year there were attempts to have the community get to know the team but when the current owner took over all of those promotions stopped. Most people in Santa Fe don't even know there is a hockey team here. As for no one playing hockey in Santa Fe open your eyes or come to one of the practices and you will see a number of men women and children playing the game every week, including me.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:29 AM, February 25, 2007) : 

Thats a lie nice one though Dave!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:50 AM, February 25, 2007) : 


The issue is that the newspaper was relying solely on the words of the city representatives and neither the Road Runners nor the NAHL. Heck, the city that is getting the team got more press than the owner or the league. Of course they are going to paint her as a dead beat, despite that inaccuracy. Here's the difference. That newspaper has to deal with that facility in the futre, they don't need to deal with her after March so why do they care?


Blogger mctopeka said ... (11:05 AM, February 25, 2007) : 

The arena those boys are getting ready to skate in is a very nice arena. The crowds will be loud and proud. 2000 fans average is not out of the question here. Good marketing and good ticket prices will bring in the crowds. Depending on their prices we will sell close to double the number in season tickets than they averaged in total fans(411)out there. Plus the other income revenues the team will have, that they didn't in Santa Fe, should make this a very nice long term fit here in Topeka. Heck she already has a Booster Club of over 100 people ready to help her any way we can and they aren't even here yet.


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