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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Topeka... Roadrunners?

As promised, here's the longer story out of Topeka on the relocation of the Santa Fe Roadrunners. I'm sure we'll hear more, especially after the press conference. The relocation will mean that Topeka, at 7,777 seats for Landon Arena, will rival Wichita Falls as the largest facility in the league. I've not seen an official capacity for KY Coliseum in a hockey configuration, but know they parked something on the order of 7,800+ there in the Rustlers' inaugural season...


Comments on "Topeka... Roadrunners?"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:23 AM, February 22, 2007) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:56 PM, February 22, 2007) : 

Does this mean that Jon Mac Williams formally of the Tucson Titls is out of the picture?? Or is this why Jeremy Law showed up on the Roadrunners web site as a Asst. Coach. Funny how things happen.


Blogger mctopeka said ... (2:57 PM, February 22, 2007) : 

Yes Jon is totally out of the picture. Jeremy is no longer an Asst. Coach with the Roadrunners. It is fuuny how things happen though.


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