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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday News

USHL gets a feature article in USA Today. Note to NAHL apologists: When your league gets the sort of coverage the USHL has seen recently, I'll talk about them more, too...

Here's the latest on Rapid City's arena efforts. Someone needs to let Gino Gasparini know that arena-building is a core business function of the Central Hockey League, via their fellow Global Entertainment subsidiary International Coliseums Corporation.

No mention of the QMJHL yet, but Bangor is looking at a new arena...

There must be something in the water in Ontario. First it was misbehaving in a Kingston-Belleville game, now shenanigans in Kitchener...

Late Update: Niagara Falls rejects latest OHL proposal...

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Comments on "Tuesday News"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:22 PM, February 09, 2007) : 

I think the USHL is trying to sink the NAHL or at least clear the decks of competition. They drafted most of the top tier talent on the NAHL last year and now many of them are being cut. In the past they had to compensate the NAHL team now they do not and (I believe) they pulled some fast ones (Matilia, O'Kane, Danowski as examples - starters in the NAHL - benched in the USHL but were they sitting alot because of a lack of talent or to prove a point?). They (the USHL) have a great marketing campaign this year and I believe it is designed to make the public believe they are the only league to get kids into D1 hockey – check out one of the televised USHL games on ESPNU if you do not believe me – the entire telecast was a PSA for the USHL and their "partnership" with DI hockey programs rather than any decent play by play. I have to agree with Marc on this one - the NAHL had better take notice and step up the marketing and quickly. This year's USHL draft will be repeat of last year's and the NAHL will lose starting talent (but they will ride the bench - IMHO to "prove" the point they just aren't as good as the USHL players drafted before them). I realize it may sound like a conspiracy theory but I look at as a smart move to get rid of your competitors on the part of the USHL.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:46 PM, February 11, 2007) : 

are you a retard?

The USHL coaches have to win games or get fired, those kids were cut because they couldn't make it in the USHL.

It may be hard for you to get it - but the USHL is so much faster than the NAHL that good NAHL players simply can't perform in the USHL. That's why those kids got cut, no secret mission to discredit the NAHL - give me a break. If those kids could have helped the USHL teams they were with - they would still be there.

Face it - the NAHL is simply not very good right now. The USHL doesn't need to discredit the NAHL - #1 - it has nothing to gain - all the best players either are in the USHL, NTDP, or the CHL or college.

#2 - the USHL doesn't need to discredit the NAHL - the NAHL does a good job of that itself.

Coaches want to win - they don't worry about marketing until recruting season, and all a USHL coach has to say to a kid in the NAHL is: College Scholarshps, and NHL Draft numbers.



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