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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Hell freezes over

Some time ago I said I'd not discuss the status of the former Blue Line Ice Complex in North Richland Hills, TX unless it was a done deal and sold.

Well, it looks that way. Frost Bank has accepted an offer. I don't have many details, including whether a junior team will resume playing in the facility, but I'm sure they'll be coming soon enough.

Back to last night's news on Fort Vancouver... I have a couple of clarifications. I've been informed the release fee for Mixon and Kiminki was paid for via the Pioneers' credit card. Why this didn't raise any red flags the first time around is beyond me. On the legal side, my legal affairs adviser explained that once you get a state ruling, take it to the other state (in this case, Michigan and/or Colorado, file it (domesticate) and it has to be honored. You learn something new everyday. Updates in The Columbian are usually posted around mid-day, so maybe we'll have more information then.

The Saginaw Spirit are still crossing their fingers that the Missassauga Ice Dogs relocate in SE Michigan. Problem is there's nowhere for them to play in Grand Blanc, Clarkston, or Waterford. Since the original story broke there's been no real developments, especially on the facilities front.

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