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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Bowkus hired in Wichita Falls

John Bowkus takes over as Wildcats head coach. From what I understand Bowkus makes Tony Curtale look like a saint, so perhaps this classic Bette Davis clip needs to be played before Tornado-Wildcats games next season. Right now I give the edge to Bowkus, so far as I know Curtale has never been investigated by the Texas Rangers...


Comments on "Bowkus hired in Wichita Falls"


Anonymous Joe Nix said ... (8:51 AM, April 25, 2007) : 

Fighting is part of the commonly exhibited strategy. Also required are cheap shot specialists who raise the level of animosity. 'Designated' fighters then engage in staging a 'grand show' while a series of cheap shots are glossed over unless a serious injury for 'the nightly news'occurs.

There remains the question how many naturally talented, skilled players are dissuaded from their hockey careers in North America by the perpetuation of 'goonism'?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:33 AM, April 25, 2007) : 

its jack bowkus by the way


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:34 AM, April 25, 2007) : 

no different bowkus


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:56 AM, April 25, 2007) : 

John Bowkus is a good coach and good person. My son played for him, and would always welcome the opportunity to play for him again.

The incident in Michigan was proven to be overblown by the local media, who did not fully understand the facts that came out later in the MAHA hearing.

Coach Bowkus can teach, and get the most out of his players. His players love to play for him. He has been successful in the past, and I bet he will be again. He will be well liked in the Wichita Falls community.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:07 AM, April 25, 2007) : 

My questions are looking forward how will he do as a Jr A level coach. We only have his past to look at and that is limited via hockey searches. I want to know...1)Does anyone know if John Bowkus has had winning records at the AAA midget level? 2)Won any league or National Championships? 3)What is his record for moving players to the next level? 4)Did he get the talented recruits to come to his program? (if yes to #4 then the records and player promotion numbers shold be there.) This should be the criteria a coaching hire should be based upon.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:45 PM, April 25, 2007) : 

Here is John's basic bio from his previous teams website. In addition to the names listed, he has also moved a large number of players to the Junior A level as well. He has been able to recruit kids from ALaska ans California to play for him at the midget level.

What Are Coach Bowkus’s Past
Accomplishments In The Sport Of Hockey?

John has been involved with hockey since the age of seven. His father, as well as others were very instrumental in his path as a player and as a coach. He has been involved with both, very successful and unsuccessful teams at the youth levels in his playing days. Coach Bowkus was one of those players that had to leave home and play hockey elsewhere
in order to further his playing career
which included playing AAAhockey in Detroit to junior hockey in the United States Hockey League with a brief stint in the Saskatchewan Hockey League.
From there he played college hockey at
Concordia College in Minnesota. After four years of college, he tried minor pro hockey in Florida. When all was said and done, he found his true niche coaching hockey, just as enjoyable as playing. This special niche includes developing leaders and hockey players. As a coach, he has been able to appreciate how to instill his own work ethics into players
that he coaches. Coach Bowkus has coached every level from Learn to play hockey programs all the way through junior hockey. He has been very successful in teaching fundamental
hockey skills. At the AAA level, he has
been involved as head coach of two National Championship teams, three Gold medal and one Silver medal winning teams at U.S.A. Hockey Festivals plus numerous league and tournament
championships. But the one thing that he is most proud of is to see several former players either playing at the college level and now even at the professional level. He does not take all the credit, however he does see that his coaching has influenced many of his previous players. One of the most astounding tributes to John is that out of the 15 players off his AAA Bantam National Championship team, 13 played juniors, and
8 received scholarships to Division 1 schools.

Some of the players John has coached include;
1. David Booth - Michigan State
2. Jason Paige - Notre Dame
3. Corey Potter - Michigan State
4. Chris Trick - Notre Dame
5. Jaime Milam - Northern Michigan
6. Drew Miller - Michigan State
7. Justin Tobe - Harvard
8. Mitch Ganzak - Miami (OH)
9. Brad Robbins - Miami (OH)
10. Peter Mannino - Denver
Players who have been drafted:
1. Krys Barch - Washington
2. Adam Hall - Nashville
3. Ryan Miller - Buffalo
4. Drew Miller - Ananheim
5. Corey Potter - New York
6. David Booth - Florida
Local players coached that played college at the D-1 level :
1. Lucas Drake, Western Mich. University
2 Ryan Miller, Michigan State
3. Brian Sherry, Findlay
4. Corey Potter - Michigan State
5. Lance Holmes, Findlay
6. Aaron Hundt, Wayne State
7. Drew Miller - Michigan State
8. Charlie Henderson, University of Mich


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:11 PM, February 24, 2009) : 

Which high school did coach Bowkus graduated from? Thank you!


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