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Monday, April 09, 2007

Monday News

Here's a newsflash - The Columbian is telling us the Fort Vancouver Pioneers might not be in the NORPAC next season. That's pretty much been a foregone conclusion ever since the final ruling was handed down.

In a semi-related note, Tucson Ice, the WSHL Tilt's home rink last season (well, half of it anyway) is closing after today. The facility has had issues on an off and has not been a particularly strong operator. In addition, the Arizona Attorney General's office has been contacting folks at the rink and who worked with the Tilt and Jon MacWilliams. We'll just have to see if anything comes of it.

The USHL and NAHL are both enjoying Michigan State's NCAA title. The USHL has 15 alumni playing for the Spartans, and the NAHL is claiming 11 alumni on Michigan State's roster. However, it would be nice if they counted players who actually played a game in their league. Steven Mnich may have been rostered with the Texas Tornado, but never played a game for them. In addition Matt Shouneyia is not listed on the Spartans' roster...

The USHL has also released their list of alumni who were NCAA All-Americans this season...

OHA development program to continue on a larger scale...

The Waterloo Record had a editorial piece this weekend promoting the idea of moving the homeless Icedogs to Waterloo. Unfortunately, the article is hiding behind a subscription and I can't tell you much more other than there's some concern the Kitchener Rangers might object to the territorial invasion.

AJHL final bittersweet for St. Albert - Bound Traders...

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Comments on "Monday News"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:49 AM, April 09, 2007) : 

Of course the Pioneers aren't going to be part of Norpac or USA Hockey, but they are going to continue, just with a different league. Mr. O'Neal and Mr. Loftgrin are far from being done with hockey.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:46 PM, April 09, 2007) : 

Was McWilliams with this team? Pioneers? I thought he was banned from USA Hockey, the USA, and the rest of the free world?
What ever happened to the coach? LAW?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:40 PM, April 09, 2007) : 

He (McWilliams) is not associated with the Pioneer team, but a couple of his former players were picked up by the Pioneers after the Tilt's demise and he was up in Vancouver towards the end of the season to watch the team.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:21 PM, April 09, 2007) : 

He was part of the team... He tried to recruit my son. I was told he is their coach (Pioneers)for next season? Who knows?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:18 PM, April 09, 2007) : 

he was not a part of this years team, other than observing. My son played with Ft Van and we have not heard anything.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:08 PM, April 09, 2007) : 

He was getting paid by Ft.Van, So I think that makes him part of the team. He is banned by USA Hockey, but since when do people in Vancouver care about the Governing boad of hockey in the United States.
He belongs with all of you , cheaters


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:46 PM, April 09, 2007) : 

Anyone got any clue as why Fort Vancouver owner, coaches and players sat and cheered against the St. Louis Jr. Blues at Nationals? The Semifinals and Championship games they were there in force, with the owner ringing a cow bell all rooting against St. Louis. Is there any reason why this occurred? Just curious if anyone knows what their motivation was?


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (5:51 AM, April 10, 2007) : 

Tone it down, people...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:00 AM, April 10, 2007) : 

no oe ever talks about the players from the teams that played fort. van on season.... do you really think fort. van would of won the games they played with a honest roaster? what about the kids ? where do we get a refund?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:14 AM, April 10, 2007) : 




Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:40 AM, April 10, 2007) : 

I believe it would have been the same outcome for Ft Van as far as their win loss record. They were on top all season and the players that were an 'issue' either played for the Ft Van the PREVIOUS year or were players brought on at the END of this season. Regardless Ft Van was the best in NORPAC this year and they showed that in Michigan.

As for cheering for the Monarch's over St Louis in the finals.. WHAT is your problem? Fans can cheer for whoever they want - didn't know they were only allowed to cheer for St. Louis.

STL won the wild card, Monarchs went all the way and won every game --who wouldn't want to see them win it all?

The two best teams made it, STL got better with every game and they proved they are the best in the nation. Congratulations to them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:33 PM, April 10, 2007) : 

I have no problem, just seemed weird to see a group cheer against a team so much. I am from Grand Rapids and didn't know the entire story. What I was asking was do these 2 teams have a history?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:55 PM, April 10, 2007) : 

FV attended nearly every game at Natl's.
If you paid close attention at the finals, all the stray players & fans from the other teams sat on the NH side. Gotta cheer for somebody, why not the underdog?
STL fans were there in full force, they didn't need extra help.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:16 PM, April 10, 2007) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:58 PM, April 11, 2007) : 

But the Ft. Vancouver organization felt that they had gotten screwed by Nationals, not being able to roster their whole team for the first game. They were there to sweep nationals and would never cheer any team that would take their title.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:04 PM, April 11, 2007) : 

The thing that makes this entire issue such a shame is that yes, I believe that Fort Van could have still gotten to nationals without the players in question. I know because I am a player in NORPAC and I played against them all season. They had a very good team to begin with, not to mention a roster full of a lot of very talented younger players. They had a deeper roster than most teams in the league, and they could move the puck better than most teams. It is a shame what the coaches and management did, they effectively screwed over every player on the team FOR NO REASON. Even though I didn't play on Fort Van, thinking about what the team officials did makes me extremely angry because they let down their entire team.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:08 PM, April 11, 2007) : 

Also, adding on to my last post, I did not feel as if the players in question really added that much to the team. They definitely did not stand out at all. This just adds to my frustration. Now the players, the organization, even the entire NORPAC league has a huge black eye all for a couple of players that didn't make much of a difference.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:52 PM, April 11, 2007) : 

The sad thing is, the coaches, management, players, parents of players, and supporters, don't give a hoot what people think of them. They think they did no wrong. They don't care one bit how this looks to others, to the NORPAC league, USA Hockey, etc. They are not embarrased, guilty, defeated, or done.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:40 AM, April 12, 2007) : 

The Ft Van team did not get screwed at Nationals with the player suspension enforcement (skating with a short bench). In El Paso's last game, they skated one player short because of a player suspension their 2nd game.

So it was a rule that was enforced tournament wide.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:19 PM, April 12, 2007) : 

But you see Ft. Vancouver doesn't like playing by the rules! That's why they thought they got screwed at Nationals when they had to play with a short bench (due to suspensions) Of course they claim they would have won that game if they would have had all of their players, and of course winning that game would have meant a sweep at Nationals.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:47 PM, April 17, 2007) : 

Waiting to hear if the Pioneers will join the WHA ranks. Will other Jr. B teams bail Norpac and move up to Jr. A? Anyone heard anything as of yet?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:50 AM, October 08, 2007) : 

Fort Vancouver...It is the owners and coaching staff that do not know how to follow the rules. Paying players to play for them, the after hour parties at the coaches house, the president acting like a 6 year old child at games, etc...
This is a club with ZERO ethics, ZERO
professionalism, and a willingness to hurt anyone for personal gain. This is a club that would not even notify players of upper leagues that were interested in them for a roster spot. How do these people sleep at night. These people were and are BAD NEWS for Hockey.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:50 AM, October 09, 2007) : 

I understand Jon Macwilliams was denied entrance back into the states this past weekend after the Pioneers trip to Canada. Anyone know what that's about? Who will run the team this weekend? (home opener)


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