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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Wednesday News

Just when I thought the news would slow down...

Today is the start of the Battle of the Black Hills, as the Central Hockey League gives their presentation to the civic & community leaders of Rapid City. The USHL's presentation is the 24th.

Speaking of the USHL... Jon Garver appears to have no signs of slowing down, as he's determined the USHL has 16 alumni vying for the Stanley Cup. FYI, that's 10 more than the UHL. Of course, only two of those UHL alums (Chris Kelly and Chris Neil in Ottawa) aren't guys who played in the minors during the NHL lockout. Memo to USHL: look up the CHL numbers when you offer your rebuttal of CHL claims in Rapid City in a couple of weeks...

Springy Blues retain Chris Wyler as their head coach. Eric Ballard has been named assistant coach. Meanwhile, former coach Nick Pollos has landed as head coach of the Chicago Chill AAA Midgets...

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