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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wednesday News

Someone needs to elbow Valencia Vipers boss Larry Bruyere, and remind him that the WSHL has NOT been approved (yet) by USA Hockey to operate as a Tier-3 Junior A league. The WSHL's application is in the bucket just like the AWHL's and any other league's, and in all likelihood they aren't going to get an up or down vote until the meetings this summer. Personally, I think Tier 3 is a joke. If everyone in Jr B is going to apply and be granted T3A status, wouldn't have just been easier to modify the Jr B regs to what would have been the T3A standards? Yes, I know... this ignores the political realities of junior hockey on the East Coast, but this entire scenario is a great example of unintended consequences. Seriously, what is going to be accomplished when you change the label? Considering some of the leagues are organizationally incompetent, this is no better than using social promotion to allow an illiterate kid to advance to the next grade.

The Record out of Kitchener-Waterloo has an editorial that asks why a player's action which in the regular season would result in a 2-game suspension instead in the playoffs generates a $500 fine. The paper goes so far as to call the OHL "bush league"...

Curiously enough, the newspaper is going off on the NHL after an incident where one of their hometown players, Steve Downie, benefited from the discipline policy.

One other interesting tidbit from the editorial - the Kitchener Rangers generated Can$4.14M (US$3.62M) in revenue last season.

Jon Garver of the USHL was a busy boy yesterday. First off, Tuesday is when he puts out the regular weekly release. Release #2 of the day announces that Waterloo GM (and all-around good-guy) Doug Miller will pull double-duty with the additional role as USHL's Director of Corporate Sales and Sponsorships, a position the league has needed filled for at least a couple of years. Next up, Garver reports the USHL has topped the million mark in attendance this season. Garver then pushes out the league's release of the slightly-dated news that Green Bay is hosting next year's Prospects/All Star Game. Finally, Jon cranks out an extended narrative detailing the race for the Anderson Cup. Wow Jon, whatcha gonna do today?

USHL Prez Gino Gasparini was interviewed Monday on an Edmonton sports-radio station, discussing unique the playoff format as well as expansion. You can listen to the interview here.

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