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Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday News

Nothing yet on last night's NORPAC conference call. Perhaps we'll know more later this morning...

Rapid City's civic center board meet to discuss merits of USHL vs. CHL (be sure to add your two cents in the article's comments section)...

Traverse City shifts to local ownership. Scott Gardiner steps down as head coach...

More of the sale terms of the Lewiston Colisee...

Burnaby Express promote Lanz’s assistant Dave McLellan to head coach...

Yarmouth Mariners name Steve Kasper head coach...

BCHL hooks up with Next Testing....

Molson urges hockey fans to get their cup on...

TELUS to webcast all QMJHL games next season...

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Comments on "Friday News"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:45 AM, May 04, 2007) : 

well how about some comments on norpac teams today!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:07 PM, May 04, 2007) : 

The entire T3 JR. A thing is a joke. I was at the EHK and saw several WSHL teams stating they were T3 Jr A. Also the AWHL teams were doing so, and yet they don't even have a league much less Jr. A status. The East wasn't much better but for other reasons. All the Mass Maple Leaf players and Coaches were claiming to be Jr. A. For cripes sake they were in the CHA which isn't even Jr. B yet. I think Junior Hockey has some good people in it but all these people trying to mislead players are really giving Junior Hockey a black eye.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:40 PM, May 04, 2007) : 

geeezzzz..and you blasted a NorPac team the past few months -- looks like there are LOTS of teams out there to pick apart that are 'hurting' the kids and 'cheating'. USAH should get a handle on this - there should be strict/consistant consequences.. if hitting them in the pocketbook with a fine will get their attention for 'deceiving' then so be it. JUST DO IT!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:54 PM, May 04, 2007) : 

Tiers, schmears.

The real question is WHY all these players are really Junior B or C instead of the A they want to be.

Could it be that USAH should look at the coaches' qualifications and do something to make them more accountable for development?

Should the POLITICS that stifles the sport in this country be seriously addressed once and for all?

Isn't this a better solution than tolerating the false advertising of tier classification?


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