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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Holiday Weekend News

St. Louis Bandits assistant coach Mike Flanagan named head coach of the Kenai River Brown Bears (use bugmenot/nojunk to get through the registration)...

Battle Creek: Sports tourism remains high point...

Victoria Grizzlies home rink to host Canucks' preseason camp...

CHL announces 2006-07 post-secondary scholarships. Okay let's see here, $6,850,000 split 514 ways means the average award is less than $14,000, which might get someone through a year of school. So why again are American marginal NHL prospects going the major junior route???

Bending truth, rules spoiling QMJHL draft. Yeah well, that's what happens when you throw wads of cash at minors...

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Comments on "Holiday Weekend News"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:17 PM, May 28, 2007) : 

What school did you go to Marc????

The CHL scholarship numbers are for this year only! In Canada, 14000 is more than enough to go to school for one year. Guess what, its more than enough to go to school for one year in the U.S. too!


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (12:38 PM, May 28, 2007) : 

You'll have to excuse me... I work at a university with a medical school and I'm used to seeing higher numbers for tuition (though Texas public medical schools are the cheapest in the country). Still, I went back and looked it up, and okay, that $14k will get you a year and a half at most public four-year institutions (aor a year of tuition at my school, with a thou or two left over if you're not a first-year).

Still, if there's more money being tossed about, then the CHL is doing a crappy job of telling the story about the dollars they are thowing about. 514 kids is about 9 per team, a reasonable seasonal turnover rate. Or is 514 ALL the kids, with 59 teams only that many are on scholly?. So where's the statement in the release concerning dollar distributed for previous cohorts? Aren't they important anymore? Wouldn't advertising a larger distributed figure be beneficial to their cause?

So it comes down to this: Either someone who doesn't have all the CHL's facts wrote the release, or the CHL really doesn't have much to brag about. Your call. I'm guessing it's the second, because I've seen evidence that the CHL isn't handing out that much money...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:41 PM, May 30, 2007) : 

$14,000 is easily enough money to cover all expenses for a kid to attend a Canadian University or College.

What are all the players doing who don't go to University? They are playing professional hockey or they don't want to go to University - Uni's not for everyone.

And yes, the total amount is based on the school money spent in one year.


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