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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tuesday News

Yes folks, as most have guessed, it appears the team for sale in yesterday's post is the Texas Tornado. At least, that's the universal consensus. What I don't know is if the posting is current. Looking at the listing for the Lubbock Cotton Kings, I see an entry that's clearly outdated (the Kings have no lease at the moment, as opposed to the free one on the listing).

Lewiston MAINEiacs get some love from FoxSports. At least we know the MAINEiacs aren't the Plattsburgh Pioneers. I'll bet you didn't know that QMJHL historians are qualified to write Russian history books...

Experiment is over - USHL scraps playoff system for next season. I'd like to thank the Indiana Ice for scaring the league to their senses...

NAHL partners with NEXT Testing. Also, their draft is today, look for the results to be posted once it is completed. By the way, would the kind person who sent me the self-destructing email with the minutes from the recent league meetings in Fairbanks please resend the last portion? It timed out before I could read the part about the summer meeting in Colorado.

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Comments on "Tuesday News"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:58 AM, May 22, 2007) : 

YAHOO! That goofy playoff system is gone!



Anonymous joel martin said ... (11:15 AM, May 22, 2007) : 

now all gb needs is a coach...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2:55 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

I'm looking for the NAHL draft results. If this was the USHL draft it would have been on here by now.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:07 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

Also thank the Sioux Falls Stampede, whose team was near the bottom of the West Division for most of the regular season, and ends up winning the whole thing. Talk about tarnished Clark Cup!!


Anonymous walter Feltersnatch said ... (3:44 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

tarnished? are you an idiot? near the bottom? there was a spread of 6 points most of the 2nd half top to bottom....wake up and learn about things before you speak.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:09 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

indiana ice scaring the ushl?

did you watch a single indiana ice post-season game?

indiana would have been the same playoff sleeper no matter the playoff system they played in.

entering the playoffs they were reborn and had a chip on their shoulders. they were a brand new team and it showed in every game they played.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:01 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

that's the point about Indy. Under a previously used playoff format, Indy wouldn't even had made the playoffs with the 9th best record overall... but they did and see what happened...



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:02 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

marc you thimblehead the tornado are not for sale. why would you say that?


Blogger Ryan said ... (7:06 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

they would have made it using the top 4 from each division.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:48 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

You're right - Indy was a different team entering the playoffs - it was a team with a kid who got a DUI playing on the first line, and playing without being disciplined for the mistake.

On any other team in the league - the player would have been suspended.

Yeah - character counts in that organization.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:01 PM, May 22, 2007) : 

i'm not sure what your point is...regardless of what occurred behind the scenes, the indiana ice team that stepped onto the ice was much better than anyone gives them credit for.

the player you speak of is a troubled kid. he was benched for several games throughout the season.

and i'm not so sure that when you have a kid that gifted and one that has such a presence on the ice that every team in the USHL would bench him come playoff time.

moreover, i don't think you should judge an entire organization on a single player.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:50 AM, May 23, 2007) : 

Indy also brought in a pretty decent forward last part of the season from the Sequin team (OJPHL) who added some offense and changed coaches right before the playoffs.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:39 AM, May 23, 2007) : 

Joel, whats your beef with the GB coach?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:38 PM, May 23, 2007) : 

by the way, he never got a DUI

rather he was caught drinking by billets.

still a serious offense, but much different than being charged.


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