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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Cheeks Leaves Tornado

Texas Tornado Vice-President of Communications Alex "Cheeks" Kyrias has left the franchise to assume a similar position with the ECHL Augusta Lynx.

(Use nobug/nobug to get around the Augusta Chronicle's registration)

UPDATE: Augusta Lynx press release

Obviously, this will elicit both boos and cheers around the league. Tornado fans will undoubtedly miss Kyrias, while fans of opposing teams will rejoice in the departure the voice of a franchise that has been the big bully of the league for several years until recently dethroned. Kyrias had a style that simultaneously energized his fanbase while alienating fans of other teams. Alex is a friend of mine and I've had the privilege of sharing the broadcast booth with him on several occasions, most notably when the Tornado hosted Nationals in 2004. Alex is a homer to be sure, and I don't think he's ashamed to admit it. The home team pays the bills and by-golly he's going to call the game for the home team. At the same time, he's willing to tap on the brakes a bit when the Tornado weren't up to standards on a given night.

So... Alex is moving up. Congrats Alex.

This of course begs two questions: 1) does this have anything to do with the other recent moves by the team and 2) who is replacing him? I can tell you the answer to the first question is a big fat NO. The Lynx sought out Alex. The second question I haven't a clue to, though I'd love to offer a few suggestions. Before someone asks, I DON'T want the job.

Third question: will a DFW junior hockey broadcaster ever win another Homer Call Award? We shall have to wait and see...


Comments on "Cheeks Leaves Tornado"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6:04 AM, June 20, 2007) : 

Does that leave Arch as the "biggest" broadcaster in the NAHL?.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:14 AM, June 20, 2007) : 



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:56 AM, June 20, 2007) : 

It will "elicit" many a comment. When our radio guys were not there we had to listen to "Cheeks". This past season was interesting to say the least listening to him. He regularly tore into the Tornado and that changed my opinion of him. I even felt sorry for some of those kids after he ripped them.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:05 AM, June 20, 2007) : 

Agree with the last comment. During a season in which it appeared that the coaching staff mailed it in, Cheeks regularly ripped into the kids when the games weren't going the Tornado way, but never a negative comment about the men behind the bench. He had already lost respect amongst many a Tornado fan. No great loss.


Anonymous Moe said ... (9:49 AM, June 20, 2007) : 

Thank God! I hated his broadcasts, although, I have to agree when I did listen to him this past season, I got a kick out of his frustration with the team and their play when the game wasn't going their way. Still, he is arrogant and obnoxious. Will be curious to see how long he lasts with the Lynx.

Btw, Marc, why do all your fans here post as Anonymous? Just curious.


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (9:51 AM, June 20, 2007) : 

It's all the same person. He's a very busy fellow...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10:06 AM, June 20, 2007) : 

I found it ironic that the only strip club in Santa Fe is named Cheeks - he must have left quite the impression when he hit town


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:08 PM, June 20, 2007) : 

marc dont act like you are even decent enough a broadcaster to be considered for that job anyways


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (7:13 PM, June 20, 2007) : 

No kidding, really? Hell I only used to call myself the worst broadcaster in the league when I was with the Cavalry.


Anonymous Robert said ... (7:56 PM, June 20, 2007) : 

Hey Mr. Anonymous go somewhere else and be an ASS. If you're going to make a comment on this blog, give you're name. This blog is for comments and the exchange of info on jr. hockey.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:38 PM, June 20, 2007) : 

Uh.. OK... BOB....


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:46 AM, June 22, 2007) : 

Hey Bob
Ya got a brother named Neil? ...Neil and Bob....or is that what you do?


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