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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy News Year!

Happy New Year everyone. Don't forget your black eyed peas.

D-League idea draws Otters' ire, as well it should. Weren't the Cavaliers looking at running Youngstown's Chevy Centre and placing a D-League team in there? My guess is they'll keep pinging markets in the region, hat in hand, until some fool says yes. Look out, Canton Memorial Civic Center, you're on deck.

Beach's self-imposed 'demotion' key in Saturday win for Silvertips...

Sarnia Sting join contenders in OHL...

QMJHL instant rewards program - Enforcer David Bouchard earns a season of points in Halifax debut...

Friesen playing it hot - backup's heroics are earning him more time in Chilliwack...

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