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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Can't Get There From Here?

The Topeka Roadrunners got hung up due to weather this week trying to fly to Alaska, resulting in their Friday game against Fairbanks having to be rescheduled. Frankly, I'm surprised this hasn't happened more often since Fairbanks has had junior hockey, as many flights from the lower 48 to Alaska originate out of Minneapolis.

However, while observing things in Wenatchee the past several weeks, I've discovered that they might be even more isolated than the Alaska teams. Sure, teams can fly into Seattle and bus the two hours or so to Wenatchee, but only if one of the two passes over the Cascades are open. It seems like the pressing news in the Wenatchee World is an always update as to whether Snoqualmie (I-90) or Stevens (US-2) Pass are open. As of this moment, they aren't. I can't imagine teams would fly into the smaller airports east of the Cascades, due to the cost. So the question becomes - "what's the over/under on postponed games in Wenatchee each year if they join the NAHL?"

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