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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Back from whence he came

Here's the press release from the Nashville Predators regarding Michael Santos becoming their Director of Hockey Operations. It's pretty much as I predicted Sunday morning. Santos' previous experience with the Isles and Panthers seems to be better suited for this sort of role than as NAHL commish. I know some folks have jumped on the Santos pig-pile, and sure I've taken my share of pot shots at him over the last three years, but I never envied his situation while he was involved with the NAHL. I don't think, given the choices at the time, that he was a bad selection. That's something people forget - what were the options at the time?. It's something that needs to be given an once of consideration as the Governors initiate a new hiring process. Who wants to jump into the fire now? I think it will take someone with a bold and innovative strategy to pull the kind of turn-around the NAHL needs.

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