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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mail Call

My post from Tuesday has been generating a lot of comments... rather than continue to extend that thread, I'm going to post here to get a number of issues out on the table.

This one came in this morning:
I think you need to be unbiased and make a smart comment about the WSHL. Best coaches in the league? The Tilt? How dare you not mention Harry Mahood. His track record and reputation amongst the coaching fraternity is very good. He has put alot of players in college and true JR organizations. Jeremy Law has done nothing compared to him. Your a hockey guy! Now say the right things!
Whoa whoa whoa, I'm not taking ANYTHING away from Hoody here. If you go back to the 5th & 6th comments, Phoenix is clearly on the table, and I said "you are talking about the two best coaches in the league"...

As for which coach is better, last time I checked the head-to-head record is 1-1. With Tucson and Phoenix in the same division, there will actually be some very interesting regular season games this year, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity of watching some of them. Personally, I think having these two teams in the same division is the best thing that could have happened to both them and the league, because playing each other regularly will do a lot more to prepare these teams for Nationals than "running the table."

Now, onto my friends that love all things Blue Line and Sanderson (I'll throw Mike's name in here because I believe the people badgering me about the delays have an axe to grind with him).
...Only Phoenix seems to operate on a business level... the rest seem to be garbage-- maybe this is the Tim Best syndrome. Garbage in, garbage out, and Tucson seem to be that way as well. Just like Blueline opening again in May, June, July, August, Tomorrow...Bramahs...Group Ice--that mess is... MARC, you seem to get the best people calling u....
Yes, I am getting frustrated with the delays in closing deal, as are the people involved. All I can tell you is what I'm being told by the people involved in the deal. Frankly, as I have expanded the scope of this blog, the Blue Line drama has become less and less important, and the only reason I continue to bring it up is because I have a small core of local readers who are interested. The other 95% probably don't care.

Who calls me? That's my business, but I will say I do more consulting than is indicated by what you might read here. Unfortunately, I am somewhat a victim of geography where the Cavalry, Titans, and Texans are concerned. These were the teams in my neighborhood, and the circumstances that led to their demise were beyond my control. Of course, since the relocation of the Cavalry I've had a standing invitation from Alex Kyrias to do color at Tornado games (we partnered previously when the Tornado hosted Nationals in 2004). Since I was busy calling Titans and Texans games, I never really had a chance until this season to take him up on the offer. This year I probably will make it over to Frisco for a few games.

Also, if you think that "Only Phoenix seems to operate on a business level" then you are unfamiliar with the league. El Paso and Lafayette have more season ticket holders than many NAHL teams, and combined probably more STHs than the rest of the WSHL combined.

On the tuition issue, I'm already on the record as disagreeing with USA Hockey's corrupted justification (perhaps misinterpretation is a kinder word, but since there are political forces in place I believe corrupted is better) for outlawing tuition. Of course, they left loopholes as big as Manute Bol's five-hole in their language: team scholarships/financial discounts shall be allowed to any individual player based upon his skill and ability or game performances, without that individual player performing meaningful, productive work in exchange therefor off the ice and away from team competition.
So I've decided this is a non-issue. Like everything else in life, teams are going to invent ways around it, and other teams are going to whine and complain when they should be asking themselves why they aren't in a position to compete against other teams off the ice as well as on it.

In other news...

BCHL takes the lead in addressing the new rules confusion...

UBC Thunderbirds to join the NCAA? Maybe. It's certainly being kicked around...

Peoria Mustangs begin new era...

Comments on "Mail Call"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:52 PM, September 09, 2006) : 

CSHL doesn't do any "pre-season polls." Only fans that are somewhat biased. Who are they kidding?


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:42 PM, September 09, 2006) : 

Bottom line is a head to head record does not in anyway does not prove a coach. Its who promotes his players to higher levels. "HOODY" has done that consistantly.


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (9:05 PM, September 09, 2006) : 

Well what in the hell did you expect?!??? Cripes Jeremy Law has just ONE SEASON as a coach. His record of promotion in that one season is solid.

I have a lot of respect for Harry Mahood. For several years his organization was the only thing keeping the WSHL from being a complete laughingstock (as opposed to your regular everyday laughingstocks). But these two teams are going to play each other seven times this season, and probably some more in the playoffs. I think this defensiveness at the is a little overkill, especially when I've never disparaged the man...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:18 AM, September 10, 2006) : 

Jeremy has only done it for 1 season...Mahood is still the class of this league. Wait until Jeremy does it for 3-4 years before you put him in Mahoods' league. Not taking anything away from Jeremy here...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:15 PM, September 10, 2006) : 

Marc have you seen ? The is the Canadian video on the new emphasis. Basicly it says call everything. The Canadian game has 35-45 penalties a game and no flow. It is all PP PK.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:17 PM, September 10, 2006) :
sorry got the link wrong


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (3:20 PM, September 10, 2006) :
last try.


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (10:05 PM, September 10, 2006) : 

I'm aware of the Canadian site/video, and I think I posted one story link recently that referred to it, but I haven't watched the video myself. Perhaps I'll do that.

As for the Law vs. Mahood debate... it's just stupid. I've done nothing but pour accolades on the two men who are clearly the top coaches in the WSHL, and some oversensitive twerps are getting their jocks in a bunch.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:44 AM, September 11, 2006) : 


175-44-14 record

NATIONAL TOURNAMENT 2006 - 2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002

*WSHL LEAGUE CHAMPIONS 2005 - 2004 - 2003 - 2002



Mike Mendres – San Diego Gulls – ECHL

Matt Conover – Youngstown Phantoms (Tendered) – NAHL/Bay State Breakers - EJHL

Nick Swinteck – Wichita Falls Wildcats (Tendered) – NAHL

Max Mobley – Cedar Rapids Roughriders (Drafted) – USHL

Ryan Shelafoe – Youngstown Phantoms (Drafted) – NAHL/Bay State Breakers - EJHL

Jordan Iverson – University of Wisconsin Eau-Claire – NCAA Division 3

Kevin McQuade – University of Kentucky – ACHA

Curtis Kelner – Protected by Calgary Hitmen – WHL

Kevin West – Lowell Lock Monsters – EJHL

Coby Robinson – Bonneville Pontiacs - AJHL


Blane Pohl - Central Texas Blackhawks Jr. A

Justin Hall - Oklahoma State University ACHA

Robert Orosco - Concordia College NCAA Division 3, Odessa - CHL

Blake Dronen - Augsburg College NCAA Division 3

Edwin Trebian - Central Texas Blackhawks Jr. A, Canmore Eagles - AJHL

Adam Ysasi - Wentworth College NCAA Division 3

Ryan Anderson - Central Texas Blackhawks Jr. A

Brent Klava - North Dakota State University

Jake Erickson - Wichita Falls Rustlers Jr. A, Universtiy of Wisconsin Stout – NCAA Division 3

Ryan Vert - Fairbanks Ice Dogs Jr. A

Nick Karastamatis - Phoenix Polar Bears Tier 2 Bantam – Head Coach

Tyler Ramsey - Phoenix Polar Bears Junior B – Asst. GM & Assoc. Coach

Glenn Miller - Phoenix Polar Bears Junior B – President

Nick Guy - Central Texas Blackhawks

Jake Hipp - Waterloo Blackhawks USHL

Marcus Paulson - Minnesota Blizzard Jr. A

Brandon Svendsen - Minnesota Blizzard Jr. A

Nate Timm - Minnesota Blizzard Jr. A

Jake Sparks - Central Texas Blackhawks Jr. A

Josh Frider - Central Texas Blackhawks Jr. A

Jake Carlson - Helena Bighorns Jr. A

Nick Hipakka - Augsburg NCAA Division 3

Tom Knutson - Capital Selects Jr. A

Kevin Rollwagen - St. Thomas NCAA Division 3

Scott Savage - St. Mary’s NCAA Division 3

Justin Johnson - Tier 2 Junior A

Blaine Boyle - GM & Head Coach Central Texas Blackhawks Jr. A

Jarod Olson - Asst. GM & Associate Coach Texas Blackhawks Jr. A


Josh Joles - Fernie Ghostriders Jr. A AWHL, Central Texas Blackhawks - NAHL

Jason Stellino - Hamline College NCAA Div. 3

Grif Kilby - Hamline College NCAA Div. 3

Jason Loughrey - Springfield NAHL Jr. A


Jan Thomson - Great Falls American AWHL Jr. A

Dusty Collins - Team USA U 17/U 18, Northern Michigan University Division 1, Drafted 2004 NHL Entry Draft – Tampa Bay Lightning

Tyler Haskins - Guelph Storm OHL, St. Mike’s Majors OHL, Drafted 2004 NHL Entry Draft – Detroit Red Wings

Ray Wingfield - Oklahoma State University ACHA

Dustin Droscher - Fort Worth Brahmas WCHL

Aaron Quinton - Oklahoma State University ACHA


Mike Marshall - Bethel College NCAA Div. 3


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (9:16 AM, September 11, 2006) : 

Wow, did you look that up all by yourself? You could have just posted the link..

Oh, and be sure such a listing is correct next time. Justin Hall, Ray Wingfield and Aaron Quinton went to the University of Oklahoma, not Oklahoma State. In this case a correction makes the PBears look better. OSU's club team is D3, and that's being generous, whereas OU's club was D2 initially and is now a ranked D1 program , but who knows what other errors might be contained therein...

To once again demonstrate how stupid is debate is... in 2001 who was a better coach: Penn State's Joe Paterno, with his national titles, decades of wins, and NFL draftees, or Bob Stoops, who had only been coaching two years but just won the national title? It's a pointless discussion. They both have their merits and deserve praise, but defining who is better serves no purpose.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:57 AM, September 11, 2006) : 

Based upon all the comments, this does not appear to be pointless. Just because you do not like it, does not make it wrong...

I believe the Mahood backers simply believe you or anyone should wait until you put Law into the same category as Mahood, as Mahood has won a National title, promoted tons of players, and wins the league evey year. Jeremy as only done it for 1 year...and Oklahoma football...come on...they are on the decline.

The Polar Bears have been a professional organization for years...lets make sure ElPaso can do it over the long haul...Just like the Law/Mahood debate...


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (10:38 AM, September 11, 2006) : 

This is hillarious... Oklahoma football is in decline? There are a hundred other D1 programs which would like to suffer the kind of decline being experienced by OU. They sure as hell weren't in decline in 2001, but you missed/ignored my point of trying to compare Paterno and Stoops at that point.

If OU is in decline, are the Polar Bears also? After all, they didn't win the Thorne Cup last year. Gee, they must be in decline, too.

And here's a news shock for some of you... past performance doesn't matter anymore. Not in the corporate world, and not in the athletic world. No one can rest on their laurels.

This isn't intended as a jab at Mahood, because I understand and respect his motivations... but what happens when Law moves on to a bigger and better program? I don't see him staying in Junior B forever. He's in demand like a coach of a mid-major that just knocked off a big-time program. That'll end any chance of a long-term comparsion, so we'll be left with (surprise!) head-to-head.

Not that I care who is better. After all, I was just putting them on the same relative level compared to the rest of the league (you know, those teams that can't get 20 kids on their roster, let alone 25).


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:24 PM, September 11, 2006) : 

I believe Mahood has coached Pro Hockey in Europe--at a high level. I also believe he could go to a higher level if he wanted to...Who knows what Law will do and if he will get to a higher level. I am not knocking Law at all. No one on this site is. It is just the belief that he is not quite Scotty Bowman yet.
As for OU, they are down compared to 2001. I would imagine they will get back to the top 5, but it may take a few years. Just like Florida State, they are in a decline now. They are still a great program, but not like when they were always in the top 5--now they are a top 20. That is a decline when the standard has been higher. We will see with the Polar Bears this year.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:50 PM, September 11, 2006) : 

How do you determine a great coach? You seem to think Law is--and he may be. Joe Torre, who is now considered one of the best managers ever...I believe he was fired 2 times and was not considered a very good manager until he became a Yankee manager and had Yankee talent and money? Maybe it is simply based upon talent the team has??? Just a thought? I imagine Hoody is a great coach, but I also imagine he has great talent (for the B level). Maybe Law just had great talent last year as well...Just a thought.


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (5:57 PM, September 11, 2006) : 

The Torre example is a good one, and Casey Stengal (Boston Braves and Brooklyn Dodgers) is another. I thought about Connie Mack as well, since he was not only the manager, but owner for most of his five decades with the A's. Mack built two dynasties (lost them both due to financial difficulties, one thanks to the Federal League and the other to the Depression), but also lost 100 games and finished last more than any manager in history, and had only a .484 winning percentage all-time.

Your point about being a good scouting coach vs. a great bench coach is also well-taken. Many dynasties in sports were built upon an overabundance of one vs. the other. The issue then becomes: does being a good recruiter also make you a good coach? I think so, and at the same time what I witnessed last season leads me to think Law is a good bench coach as well.

As I have said before, we'll have ample chance to examine the parity (or lack of it) between the two teams/coaches this season. It should be enough to settle the debate somewhat.


Blogger Marc Foster said ... (5:59 PM, September 11, 2006) : 

Oh, left out Casey and the expansion '62 Mets, who hold the modern record for futility (40-120).


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